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So many people have noticed the difference in me since I've started The New Thrive Experience with Duo . At the gym, my workouts have gone to the next level, at the office I'm so motivated and focused, and my clothes have never fit better.

After 36 months of already feeling amazing on the Thrive Experience and had gained back my energy I was missing before Thrive and reaching my ideal size and goal weight, "How could this possibly get any better," I thought. But Le-Vel has truly out done themselves again! Between the simplicity, Premium grade ingredients, and the testimonies to back it up, the Thrive Experience is absolutely amazing.

The New Thrive Experience with Duo is phenomenal to say the least!

~Theresa Holland Heinkel

My days are long & stressful because my child is fighting Childhood cancer. The past week taking THRIVE has helped me get through the days a lot easier! Energy level is off the chart, multi-tasking is in full force, general discomforts are better & the Lbs are dropping! My hubby also got to experience THRIVE & I can say that every couple should be THRIVING together!

Day One: UNBELIEVABLE! Have not come across a product like this in YEARS. On top of my game all day.

So, today David came by the house to pick up his Thrive order, later in the day he texted me and said "WHY DO YOU LOOK DIFFERENT?' of course, to me I look the same, but he explained I just look better, happier, bouncier and that I appear to be thinning up and looking more tone! The scales have not said much good news for me, but they never do when I start working out, so I checked out my measurements and he was right, I've lost s Inches! and it's awesome that there Is an obvious change In my physical and emotional appearance from someone who has seen how yucky I have felt the last couple of years, and only having seen me about two weeks ago before Thrive, to, today being a totally different person.

Le-Vel keeps you focused on how good you feel, instead of what is missing...

I have been on the Thrive Lifestyle Capsule for one full week every day with the shake and let me tell you I am BLOWN away by the vivid description that Paul gives because I am the poster child of feeling the brain connection in TEN MINUTES after I take my first capsule!! You talk about laser focused with an incredibly smooth consistent energy all day long!! I drink my shake with almond milk, half a banana, and blueberries 4-5 minutes after and I find it to be WAY BETTER than any shake I have tasted from any other company in recent years. I DO notice my cravings are greatly reduced and this is a biggie but I have been a coffee drinker for 45 years.... I hardly drink one cup of coffee now simply because I feel so good on this capsule, I don't want coffee interfering with it!!

Thrive Change my life, I had the best day of my life. I knew then we had a winner and this opportunity was going to be huge.... Let's THRIVE together!* George Goodwin After taking my 1st day of THRIVE I could tell a huge difference. My appetite was down & my energy level was up. I was be able to feel full of energy and positive throughout the whole work day. Now I keep checking the mail box daily hoping that my Wife has won more THRIVE!!

I woke up this morning with general aches and discomfort due to my 8 1/2 month olds feet pushing me all over the bed last night. I took my 2 Thrive capsules, had my shake and applied my DFT and I feel like a million bucks!!!!!

So Saturday night I wasn't sleeping soundly and usually when that happens I am ruined the next day. I finally decided sound sleep is not going to happen so I get up and grab my Thrive out of the refrigerator and I take my Thrive Capsule for Men and follow it up with the Thrive Premium Shake Mix. I was thriving the entire day. I couldn't believe how great I felt the entire day ... beyond impressed!!!

My friend Toni was kind enough to share a sample with me and I can't believe the difference I felt! My general discomfort has calmed, I had energy to get a lot accomplished, and was better able to manage my appetite. The next day, with no Thrive, I was back to feeling how I did pre Thrive and wanting some more of it!

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My name is Amanda Lesko and this is my Thrive Experience!

Insert Skeptic here....

I have a friend of a friend who sent me a trial in October of 2016. I took that 4 day trial and saw NO change to my life whatsoever.

Cut to March 23, 2017 when I placed my first order (trying to get Abigail off my and thought "if I don't see a change in 30 days, it's $150 wasted" but no big deal, right? Well, by day 4 this time, I noticed the general discomfort in my knees starting to calm and I could actually come home from teaching 2nd graders all day and not immediately NEED a nap. What is this?!?

Since I started my Thrive Experience I have lost nearly 40 pounds. I'm getting the joint support that I lacked before and I can walk up and down stairs with ease. I have enough energy to continue living my life and filling it with greatness even after a long workday.

Needless to say, I paid for the 3 steps until August 2017 when I finally got to THRIVE for FREE!! In July I decided to promote, not because I needed my product for free, not because I needed a 3rd job (I teach, I work for the Detroit Tigers, I THRIVE) but because if I could make even ONE person I know and live feel what I feel, it would be worth the investment.

I have many people turn me down, look at me weird with my "vitamins" and "DFTs" but I know what's happening. They're watching me...and I'm sure going to continue giving them something to watch.


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My name is Becky Turnbow and this is my updated Thrive Experience.

I hit 4K 😎

I never knew how easy our 3 steps were until I finally tried them. I was that skeptic. I was the one who tried so many other products for weight management and energy. I was that mom who was always tired and moody. Then, I was introduced to THRIVE.

My 3-Day Mini Experience was like nothing I ever had before. Within hours on Day 1, I was extremely energized and doing things I always hated to do. This couch potato was now doing every chore possible around the house and even exercising! 💪

I knew from there I was all in, so I clicked 🖲 that Promoter button. From July to now, I have met so many people whose lives I have changed.

I jumped on the scale today, and I'm down 15 pounds 🤗 from when I started using our DUO DFT. I am finally getting me back and it's all because of these 3 simple steps.

If you have not tried this, I highly suggest it. It's such a life changer. I'm am forever thankful for these steps as well as the company for giving me this opportunity.

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My name is Amber Bateman and this is my Thrive Experience.

If someone had told me a year ago that vitamins would completely change my life...

🤔Oh wait they did.

And I bought them.

And tried them.

And nope nothing changed.

🔥Until I tried Thrive.🔥

10 minutes after I take my capsules I feel awake.

I feel alive.

Every. Single. Day.

8 months of using the same 3 products every morning.

20 minutes after I wake up.

I feel alive.

And it is absolutely amazing.

Let’s back up for a minute though, prior to Thrive I was a mess.

When I say a mess that honestly doesn’t even come close to where I was physically and mentally.

I was exhausted and in no shape of being the kind of mama I wanted to be for my children. I had no energy and was relying on coffee from a certain shop where I had become a gold card member because I had spent so much money with them. I had trouble getting my kiddos off to school on time, remembering important appointments and loads of other things, like the milk that I needed to buy when I went into the grocery store. I also was not getting the restful sleep I needed at night. I needed a change. I prayed for something, anything, because what I was doing was obviously not working.

Now fast forward to today and I can honestly say I surprise myself and my kids most days.

I have energy all day, every day.

No longer take naps. 🙌🏼

Gave my gold card membership to the garbage can.

And I can say I sleep like a baby now almost as soon as I close my eyes.

To say these products have changed my life would be an understatement.

They have completely changed who I am.

Premium nutrition will change your life. 💃🏼

It’s not a question of if these products will work for you?

The question is, will you take that leap of faith and let them?✌🏼💕

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You think you are healthy and in shape so you don't need these 3 steps???

Yep!! That was me!! Little did I know just how much it would help me!!

Hey!! My name is Ray Thompson from Illinois, and here is my 1 year Thrive Experience!!

Let's rewind back to March of 2017 when I was taking multiple supplements multiple times a day and drinking multiple Monsters per day!! At this point, my girlfriend had been Thriving for about a month and she was doing great!! Finally, she told me she got my shipment in. Umm?? I didn't ask for anything?!?! I was fine!!

The next morning, she had thrown out all my supplements and had the capsules on my side of the bed!! I didn't know she meant that I was going to be doing this too.

Well, I went through the motions of the 3 steps every day for 2 months!! She was still nagging at me!! I didn't give up my Monsters or any other caffeine!! I kept telling her that it just wasn't for me!! I was still able to do my workouts and make it through the day!!

Fast forward to now!!

I am still doing my 3 simple steps every morning without drinking Monsters and have added Move for my general discomforts!! I feel so much better and healthier!!

Yes!! This does work if you do it correctly!!

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She read a story from the Le-Vel fan page in September 2014, and immediately thought "that's my story" Natasha Roberson had no clue that very day she would begin to write her very own Le-Vel story. Since joining Le-Vel over the past 3 years Natasha has been a critical part in thousands of stories of hope & health. Her face and voice have become very familiar on calls at locals across the country, multiple magazine articles and one of Le-Vel's Millionaire Award Recipients. Congratulations on yet another milestone in your journey. Truly this story is still being written and the best chapters are still to come!!

Thank you for your trust & your leadership!

Chastity Marie

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My name is Lisa Swift from Flo-Rida and "This is my Thrive Experience" :)

I first heard about Thrive in September of 2016, the same month I started the RN Transition program (I was an LPN). My friend made me a FREE account but I didn't order because "It was too expensive" and "I couldn't possibly Thrive for FREE... much less promote it... I'm not a salesman". So, I scrolled and watched for a year... envious of how good people were feeling.

I have always been "small" but have gone through ups and downs of fitness and health. I would get extremely disciplined... pack my meals, hit the gym 5 days a week... but as soon as my schedule changed I'd fall off the wagon for awhile, and lost everything I'd worked for... then restart. Wasn't consistent with nutrition either, took vitamins here and there and some supplements when I remembered... My mood wasn't the greatest either, I was stressed out (Nursing School problems).

October 2017. I was at my friend Ashley's for the weekend and she said: "You gotta try this!" I was excited because I had been wanting to but no one had offered me "free samples" before. I took my capsules, drank the shake and went Black Label deep lol. I found myself cleaning her kitchen and sweeping her back porch and I'm like "Whatttt is going on?" I didn't like to clean. We talked my boyfriend into ordering it and we got our 3-step Black Label package on Nov. 2nd and started the next day. Thrive got me through the last 1 1/2 months of Nursing School, waking up at 4 am to do 96 hours of precepting, graduation, a move and passing my boards in January!

I hit the Promoter button last month and hit VIP800, working towards 4K then it's only up from there. I have sustained energy, my mood is better, I have more patience with my kids (I have a 14-year-old son and acquired triplets along the way) I don't crave coffee anymore... My Keurig is dusty! I can focus on my online classes I'm taking towards my BSN... and last month, I ran my first 5K with my son.

I am a Day-1 Thriver and I'm not looking back.

(Bathing suit pic was me today 3/22 vs. last April)

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Hey current and future Thrivers as well as Seekers of a healthier you....We are Dr. Mindi and Anthony D’Elia....


Can We brag a little about the last year from March 2017 to today March 2018....and show you what truly living a better life looks like?!

🔹Thrive for 39 months since December 2014- premium grade nutrition (not magic). 💊💊🥛◾️

🔸No fad diet or miracle potion!

🔹Sensible well controlled Keto lifestyle. 🥓🥦

🔸Excercise and DAILY laughter. 😂🤣😆

🔹The love and support of each other. ❤️

🔸Positive mindset daily and self-awareness.

🔹Tacos every Sunday seriously. 🌮

Don’t expect success if someone claims it will happen overnight! Success is hard work, commitment to yourself despite the challenges and being accountable.... do you want something you can truly WIN with?!

👫 look no further! Find that person to hit your goals with! Find that person to pick you up on a bad day...dust you off and share the experience with! You WILL come out a better you on the flip side. ❤️✌️🤛

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Hiiiii! My name is Hanna Tennant and this is my UPDATED Thrive Experience!

3 years ago my best friend started taking this “weird vitamin thing” and at the point I was at in life, I was willing to try anything. I was exhausted, moody, all I ate was fast food and microwave food, I was only 23, yet felt so run down. I was dealing with general body aches and general joint discomfort and was just sick of it all. So when she started telling me how amazing she felt and I saw and heard it in her voice how genuine she was - I decided to support her and just try it out. Why not, right?

She actually told me nothing about it, just told me how to take it correctly and how she personally felt on it. Day 1 I didn’t really know what to expect, but I woke up and did my 3 steps (capsules, Lifestyle Mix, DFT) and noticed the energy almost instantly. No coffee needed, I was wanting to get out of the house and be active, didn’t need a nap, just felt great! Day 3 I was feeling SO great that all I said to her was, "Okay how do I become a promoter like you?”

I had no sales background, I was very shy and am still extremely introverted, we both had actually just worked at a pet store before Thrive but because all I had to do was share from the heart what the product was doing for me and get people connected to the information.

I earned my Thrive for free my first month by referring 2 people, earned my AutoBonus in my first 5 months and picked out a black Mercedes GLK350 that I earned through Le-Vel and a month after that I earned my first lifestyle getaway to Cabo San Lucas and also got to bring 2 of my promoters with me!

I had no clue what I was doing, I just said yes to a free opportunity and had a passion for helping people and it completely changed my whole life.

3 years in and I’m still LOVING Thrive. I don’t need coffee or energy drinks, I’m happier, my joints are properly supported, I feel stronger, I love eating healthy, I workout 5-6 days a week, I sleep more soundly, and I just feel better overall.

I am so grateful to be a part of such an amazing company and movement!

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San Antonio, Texas, UNITE! It’s not about what team you are on or what rank you are, it’s about coming together as ONE TEAM ONE DREAM and sharing the Thrive Experience with as many people as possible.

I am so incredibly grateful to be able to spend my time with such amazing people. A huge thank you to all of our speakers for sharing your journey with us, you all are so inspiring to those around you, never stop sharing!

A special thank you to our special guests, Dalia Lujan from Corpus Christi, TX and our SURPRISE guest, Greg Dougan from Dallas, TX, for coming out, sharing your story, and painting the picture of what life is and what life can be when you are Thriving!

Finally, a special shoutout to my co-host, Kris Hernandez, for helping unite these teams and putting on such a great event, thank you for all that you do!

Until next time - be happy, be healthy, BE LIMITLESS!

~ Erika Leigh Schubert

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See those three weirdos, they are my reason. They are my “why“ for everything that I do. They are my world!

My family deserve(d) the world’s greatest mama and wife, so almost 20 months ago I said yes to starting my personal Thrive Experience because something needed to give. I desperately needed a change.

In the beginning, all I was really looking for was some more energy, but I’ve gained SO much more. I’m sleeping like a dad. I have an amazing drive to exercise and eat healthy and recently started running (and liking it)! I can tell my joints are properly supported. I have amazing mental clarity and focus. My digestive system is on point. And so much more!

And the icing on the cake is that I recently hit 12K which was awesome! But believe me when I say that I’m not stopping there!

From hot mess to Thriving mama,

Danielle Munsterman


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I was a skeptic... I doubted that 3 steps in the morning could help me feel my greatest.

My name is Meghan Reynolds and this is my Thrive Experience.

Fast forward. I take my 2 capsules first thing when I wake up my "jumper cables" full of daily vitamins, then 30 minutes later, I take my Lifestyle Mix that gives me more of my vitamins, minerals, and nutrients but also gives me digestive support, then I apply my DFT and done!

These 3 simple steps help fill in the nutritional gaps my body has and helps me feel my greatest along with helping my body function at its best with everything it needs.

I have seen a change in my moods, I have more patience throughout the day, more energy in the afternoons which before I was exhausted come 3 pm. I have better focus throughout the day and able to remember things more without writing them down. I am not eating out of boredom and I'm able to manage my appetite better.

This is my Thrive Experience so far and can't wait to see what else this product can do for me.

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Calling all MOMS!!! Have you ever felt stressed to the max? Like you can hardly keep your head above water some days? Or just simply "sick and tired of being sick and tired" and ready to get out of the rut of everyday life struggles?

Hello, my name is Trisha Eckman and this is my 17-Month Thrive Experience Story.

I made the decision to try the “Thrive Experience” after watching a great friend of mine go through some tremendous changes. She was happier, full of life, and she just had that extra bounce in her step; all the things that I was praying for at the time. I was that maxed out mom; exhausted and frustrated with myself that I could not shake the funk I was in.

Being a mom of 3, with ages ranging from 2 to 17 at the time, our lives were crazy busy and we were constantly on the go. I’ve always been that upbeat, happy, full of energy kind of person but something was missing. Being a nurse, I know the importance of good nutrition. At the time, I was taking what I thought was quality nutrition. But there were still some missing puzzle pieces that I was praying to find. I knew some changes had to be made. I owed this to my family and to myself.

My life just surviving ~

∙ The snooze button was a good friend of mine. Some mornings, I would wait for our little one to wake me up and say to heck with the alarm all together.

∙ My coffee & Mountain Dew were a must to get through most days.

∙ I wasn't sleeping soundly at night, not able to shut my brain down, leaving me with that run down kind of feeling.

∙ Afternoon naps happened often.

∙Professional scatterbrain, disorganized to say the least, and lacked focus like no other.

∙The word “exercise” was not even in my vocabulary.

I could go on trust me, but I think this paints a pretty good picture for you.

My life Thriving ~

∙ I feel like Trisha returned. I am a better wife, mom, friend, and all around better person.

∙ The snooze button and I are no longer friends. Now instead of waiting for our little one to wake me, I am up most mornings by 5 a.m. to see my husband off to work.

∙ No coffee since the first day I started these 3 simple steps and no soda for several months now. After lots of hard work, I am proud to call myself a water drinker.

∙ I am more relaxed and calm, which helps me go to sleep, stay asleep and wake up feeling rested and ready to start my day.

∙ Afternoon naps are nonexistent.

∙ My focus and mental clarity are on point.

∙ Energized, dancing and singing around the house is one of my favorite forms of exercise now. Yep exercise does exist in my world now.

∙ Living a healthier lifestyle and making healthier choices for myself and our family.

∙ Love the positive outlook I have on life and the ability to see the good that surrounds us.

Happy is an understatement. I have more patience, confidence, and more self-belief.

Saying my prayers have been answered is an understatement. I am blessed in more ways than I can count. Today, I still feel as great as I did in the first week of starting the Thrive Experience.

Thank you, Paul Gravette and Jason Camper for the positive impact you both have made to the health and wellness industry. Also, thank you to my friend that sent me that mini Thrive Experience. It was then I realized I had my hands on something I wanted to share with the world.

I am thankful for her and for all my leaders that continually lead the way. I am grateful for the trust that so many individuals have placed in me and for the opportunity to help them live the life they want and deserve. One of the best parts of my journey is fulfilling a lifelong passion of mine. That is helping others and inspiring them to be the best version of themselves they can possibly be.

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Hello! My name is Angela Barron and this is my Thrive Experience.

I'm an IT operations manager and I travel a lot. My days and night run together, but this time it was different. After taking my 3-simple steps I was more alert, I had more mental clarity and way more energy.

One of the top executives at one of the many IT sites (we have many states away) said, "Your energy is amazing. I rarely pay attention to people but you just seem like you are floating. Whatever you are doing, keep it up." And I giggled and said, "I'm Thriving and yes I will."

Three weeks in and I'm sold. Truly, I'm Thriving in every way.

Thanks, Lori Bolyer for making me a Thrive believer.

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Cedar Valley, Iowa Local!

~Akaesha Mergen

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House was packed tonight in West Orange, New Jersey!

~Blair Critch

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I want to congratulate my growing team in Painesville, OH for hosting their first of many living room local.

Congrats to Crystal Limpert, Chrissy Hall and Heather Hall on an amazing events. PAINESVILLE LOVE LE-VEL! So proud of these RockStars.

Love always,

Your Upline Leader Mike Rivera

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West Orange New Jersey, thank you!!!

We had a room on their feet tonight with 100 in attendance!

These “W”omen are THRIVIN’!

Michelle Degrazio 40k ..WITH a 30 day PPA of 48, incredible!

Lisa Giacalone 80k

Kellie Bogda 40k

Gina Mansini 40k

And a full house of THRIVERS planning to own New Jersey this spring & summer!

You ALL Are Appreciated!

LOCALS...nothing builds belief more than face to face THRIVE EXPERIENCES coming together!

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My name is Doreen OReilly from Paradise, NL Canada! This is MY Thrive Experience!

As skeptical as I was, I decided to join my husband Neil when he was interested in trying the Thrive Experience. I was not a Day 1 Thriver, or a Day 4 or a Day 10!!! It was almost 2 weeks into my Experience before I noticed anything!! Actually, my daughters and Neil saw changes in me before I did!

Before Thrive, I was the Mom who dropped her girls to school and could not wait to get back in bed, only to waste my day napping as I was too tired to face the day. I was having mild mood changes and I had no patience whatsoever!! My skin was unhealthy and I was experiencing some health challenges along with general aches and discomforts. Being in my late 40’s, I assumed this was the norm, comes with age! My weight was up and down like a yo-yo, and I did not soundly!

Now 2 1/2 Years later, I Thrive every day with 3 simple steps and I feel 20 years younger! My skin has never been better, I embrace the day every day, I have maintained a healthy weight (down 27 lbs), no more naps, and I have more patience now than I ever did!!

Never thought giving your body Premium Nutrition could affect so many aspects of your life!! Seriously the best decision I could have ever made for me and my family, so happy I decided to join my husband on this amazing experience!!

So if anyone is sharing the Thrive Experience with you, take a minute and seriously consider giving it a go, trust me you won’t be disappointed!!

Thrive is not a fad or a diet! Thrive is simply nutrition, a lifestyle change. We all need nutrition to function, so fuel your body with the best nutrition out there- THRIVE!!!!!

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My name is Kimberly and here is my 3 month Thrive Experience.

312. 312 was the highest weight I have ever been in my life, and I was miserable! My family was suffering terribly. I had no energy, I could literally sleep all day if I was given the chance, my house work was not done, and I was just an all around miserable person to be around.

After I had my youngest, I had some health challenges that I was dealing with, and I felt like no matter what I did I could not loose the weight that just kept rolling on. I tried all the latest “diets” and such, but I would find myself sick from all of the supplements that I was taking, or feeling hungry all of the time.

Then, my amazing friend kept pushing Thrive on her personal page, and shared what it has done for her and her family, and I decided to give it a chance, because, well, I was desperate and I had already tried everything else. Y’all, I am here to tell, I am a changed woman! I don’t need to sleep all day, and I feel like I am just a more pleasant person to be around. For the first time EVER, I carried my son on my shoulders and carried him about a block, and me and my daughter play “makeup”.

I could go on and on... 3 steps in the morning, and I am good for the day. I am a lifer!

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Charleston Local

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